Works for Me Wednesday

They seem like such a normal, simple thing to me. Some even taste better the second time around. But apparently not everyone grew up with them. When we were first married, Diva Husband really didn't want anything to do with them.

Fortunately, he came to his senses when he realized that I have a problem "cooking for two".

Yes, my friends, I'm talking about LEFTOVERS.

Those delicious morsels that are, well, left over after the meal's done. The ones that make great lunches the next day, or if you're really lucky, dinner later in the week.

Now that we have human garbage disposals 2 boys and one on the way, I often cook so I have intentional leftovers. It's just as easy to cook twice as many chicken breasts as I need for a meal, then use the leftovers for chicken tacos the next night.

Of course that's assuming my oldest garbage disposal The Tweenager doesn't get hungry after dinner.

Intentional leftovers. It's what Works for Me!

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Anonymous said...

Love it. Sometimes we SUBSIST on intentional leftovers!

Remaking Memories said...

Hi ElleBee,

I discovered your site through your comments on another site. I was blog hopping through the blogosphere. Enjoyed your post. On busy days, I wish I had some leftovers. Probably most of us would agree there are dishes that are meant to be consumed over a few days. (thinking Thanksgiving). Congratulations and best wishes on the soon-to-be addition to your family. God bless.