'asses, Momeeeee!

The manimal's vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds.

And obscenities.

He has become quite adept at communicating volumes with just one or two words (or sounds). Witness the following:

"Momeeee, POO!" is translated as "I've filled my diaper, Mother, and I'm ready to play Hide and Seek while you try and hunt me down to change the thing."

"o-cle, o-cle" is translated as "Everyone else is having a popsicle, and I want my own. As in, holding it. By myself. In the living room. Sitting on the suede sofa."

"GOGGGEEEEE" is translated as "Run like heck, Dog, 'cause I'm gonna sit on you!"

The other day, he was pointing at my face. "MOMMEEEE, 'asses!"

To which I replied, calmly, considering the word. "What, sweetie?"


Yes, my dear sweet boy was saying, "glasses".

We're gonna have trouble with "fire truck", I can just tell...


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