A bear of little brain...

I'd apologize for my absence lately, but I don't have any good excuses or witty stories to justify it. Let's just say, I've been busy, and lately there seems to be an inversely proportional relationship between my age (increasing) and the capacity of my grey matter (decreasing). Maybe I need a new, larger memory card? Along those lines, here are some of the random musings that have been taking up my ever-decreasing memory space.

I can remember as a kid thinking that time passed WAAAYYYY too slowly, and my Mom telling me that I shouldn't worry, because as I got older, time would pass quickly.

Boy, oh boy, was she right!

How is it possible that it is AUGUST 20th?! In two weeks, it will be September, and in the event planning world, it may as well be Christmas. Needless to say, I feel a bit overwhelmed with everything I have to do, which, this year, includes teaching a class. Yes, I've returned to the classroom and will be teaching an upperclass communications elective on event planning. While I am looking forward to this, it means creating a syllabus, lesson plans, assignments, tests, scheduling guest speakers, etc. Hello, these are COLLEGE students, and even though I may FEEL like I just graduated from college myself, it's been over fifteen years since I was there.

Okay, enough ranting. Aside from work, one of the projects I've been working on is coordinating the Silent Auction for the New Life for Haiti Gala that my church is sponsoring. I finally got to meet our missionary couple, Steve and Joline Moore, this weekend, as they are traveling across the country in their new truck. Final US destination is Miami, FL, where they will board a plane for Port au Prince, and the truck will board an ocean liner. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, with an average annual family income of $300 USD. After meeting Steve and Joline and hearing them speak about the incredible good they can do with very little money, I am even more excited and driven to make the silent auction a success. In that vein, my blogger friend (and mom-to-be!) Chloe is being so very kind and generous and donating some of her beautiful English Tea Paperie stationery for a "Make Time for Mom" package and a "Lost Art" (letter writing themed) package. She makes beautiful stationery and is a good person to boot! :)

Anyway, that's my current insanity in a nutshell. What's up with you?



lisagh said...

Are you being a bizy backson? I love the quick passing of time this year, but I know what you mean ... it's amazing how it changes as we get older isn't it?!

FluteLoop said...

OOOHHH...Christmas is too close for comfort at the moment. Lot's to do before then!

Good luck with all of your planning (classroom, auction, etc)! I don't know about you, but I find myself overwhelmed sometimes with just the simplest of things. I'm constantly reminded that I may be a smart blonde, but I'm still a blonde!