Jane's Addiction

Well, it's not really Jane's addiction. It's mine. All mine, and you can't have any.

What are these delectable little morsels on which I'm hooked?

Wasabi Peas.

Yes, dear readers, it's true. As I've aged (ahem, matured), so too has my palate. The younger, less cultured me would never have been able to get the little delicacies past my sensitive tongue. Now, it's like the Lay's Potato Chip tagline "Betcha can't eat just one" (and no, thank you very much, I can't).

I'm sure you can get them at many fine retailers. Mine were picked up (on a whim) at my local Whole Foods Market. This culinary excursion also brought Naan Bread, Panko Breadcrumbs, Ginger Pear Butter, White Asparagus, Organic Polenta Meal, Organic Pearl Barley and Pellegrino Water into my normally child-friendly kitchen. Lest you think I've suddenly won the lottery or come into an inordinately large grocery budget for the month, this trip (And it is a trip. In the Windy City Suburbs, "local" is relative!) was courtesy of a $75 gift card that I got in a silent auction basket I won. I decided to splurge on items I wouldn't normally purchase. As excited as I am about all of my finds, I have to say that the Wasabi Peas are the clear fave!

I have $13 left on my gift card. Guess what it's going for?

Any other addicts out there?


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bryan said...

Wasabi Peas rule! A local organic farm makes the best. The top of my head is sweating just thinking about them.