A Dog Possessed

Being relatively new to the world of canine ownership (or is that being owned by your canine?), I have a question for all of my fellow dog-lovers.

Is your dog possessed?

Once a day, usually in the evening, Princess Poopy Puppy starts running around our kitchen/family room area like she's on speed. from the fireplace to the stove, around the island, back to the fireplace, around the chairs and back again, she's like a whirling dervish.

If the Manimal is still awake, he just stands back and watches, head moving back and forth like he's watching the most intense match at Wimbledon. And on and on she runs, for 5 minutes or so. Then she stops to get a drink.

Then she's done.

My dog is possessed.



Mel said...

Ha! Monty does that sometimes too, but it's usually when he hasn't had enough exercise and needs to get some excess puppy energy out. A long walk or a spirited game of fetch usually gets rid of the 'possession'.

ElleBee said...

Thanks for the tip, Mel! I'll have to try something, although one would think that she could run around all day and be exhausted by the time evening rolls around. :) Hope Monty's recovering nicely!