Don't Let That Sweet Face Deceive You!

Well, I'm officially a knitter. Or a hat-knitter anyway. I'm currently on my 5th hat, one for my youngest niece. Finally managed to get a pic of the Manimal in his red hat.
I couldn't post a full body version, as it's not fit for the internet. His favorite fashion statement as of late (other than wearing a knit hat in the house, of course) is to go *ahem* au naturel on the lower half. We're in the EARLY stages of potty training, and he loves to sit on the potty chair for ten minutes at a time, then brings me a diaper to put on him. At any rate, it makes for an interesting sight, him running (because he never walks) around the house wearing only a t-shirt and hat!

I did purchase some yarn today to make a matching hat and scarf. Darn Wal-Mart, Michael's AND Hobby Lobby for all having yarn sales at the same time! A girl could go broke with this new addiction! I'll keep you posted about my projects!


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