"He went to the chimney, and stuffed the tree UP!"

I so wish that I had a camera here at work.

Why, you ask?

Because today, I saw a sign on a Christmas tree near a department office.

"Do not take this tree.
It is now under surveillance."

The tree was a pretty run-of-the-mill 6' artificial tree with lights.

I knew there must be a story, so I checked it out.

Sure enough, some upperclass students thought the naked tree (didn't have lights at the time of the disppearance) thought it would look really nice in their dorm room.

Fortunately, the crack Campus Security got a tip and were able to rescue the tree, if not apprehend the criminals.

So now the tree is in the early stages of decorating, and has the sign.

Overheard while nearby?
"I wonder where they hid the video camera?"

This little caper reminded me of one of my favorite Christmas stories. And since you can find ANYTHING on the internet, here it is!


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