Santa Baby

***Soapbox Warning***

I think that the retailers and manufacturers have totally skewed a joyous religious holiday celebrating the birth of the Saviour and turned it into a "buy, buy, buy" season, reflective of today's materialistic American society. If we aren't in search of the "perfect gift" or we don't want something from someone, we are somehow "missing" the meaning.

OK, rant over.

That being said, I'm not opposed to some of the more secular aspects of Christmas, like many carols and dreaming about fun gifts. I believe that there is a lot of great--well, really good, anyway--music that is a fun way to celebrate. And those secular carols are often preceded or followed by more religious-themed ones, so the message can be clear. One of my faves is "Santa Baby", recently popularized by that religiously-named diva herself, Madonna. (I won't even get started on the role of Santa Claus in Christmas, but just enjoy this blog as a humorous diversion.)

While I'm not asking Santa for a sable, or a car, or a platinum mine, there are a few things that I do really like. And though I'm not expecting any of them for Christmas, I do like a good daydream!

I like a few really nice handbags. Any of these would be lovely.

I also like a nice fragrance:
A girl can never have too many pretty preppy shirts:

Or baubles:

So, fellow children-at-heart, what would be on your daydream list?

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Sasha said...

Is that a Willis bag I see? I love classic Coach. I have some Coach earrings and a keychain on my short list... Of course, I have a bday right after Christmas so Mr. Sasha has 2 things to shop for!

Also, added you to my blogroll today- I've been meaning to do that!