Queen, Doorknobs and Other Child-Related Topics

So one of Sweet Son #1's favorite songs as of late is the Queen standard "We Will Rock You". While I'm not completely sure where my sweet 7 year old first heard this oldie, I do know that he's heard it at baseball games and a recent excursion to a hockey game. He sings it EVERYWHERE.

What he doesn't realize (and I don't think I fully did until recently) is that The Manimal's language skills are developing at the speed of light. He repeats EVERYTHING.

Yesterday, M was playing with Play-Doh and chattering to himself (takes after Mom). I was only half-listening, but suddenly I heard "turn around and drop you" clear as a bell. As I tuned in, I realized he was singing the song, as sung by SS#1.

As I write this, he's marching around the house, diaper-less, carrying his potty chair flush against his little bottom chanting "hup! two, free, four!"

Now if he would only do the deed in the potty chair.

He has managed to breach the bathroom, and every other room in the house. Yes, dear readers, The Manimal has mastered the doorknob. Today's post-church shopping excursion was to purchase doorknob covers.

I didn't feel so bad though. After sharing his latest milestone with my pastor in church this morning, he shared a story about a friend who had to buy a refrigerator lock because her DOG figured out how to open the fridge. She discovered this when she came downstairs one morning and found food all over the kitchen floor. At least I don't have to dog-proof my house for the Princess! That might push me over the edge.

Hopefully Monty, Boston, Paris and Devil Dog aren't forcing their humans to pet-proof their homes. I think Marilyn's human is probably safe from such dangers. Although she may may have to be careful if Boston and Paris ever visit.



lisagh said...

You have no idea how much Paris-proofing went on when I first got her! I even had to train myself to always close the toidy lid - imagine how I figured THAT out! Hint: I came home one day to one very wet little kitty :)

ElleBee said...

Too funny! I have a vivid mental picture of a very wet little Paris. When we had our sweet Boo, she had a favorite perch on the back of our recliner, which happened to be next to the fish tank. One day, she decided to spring from the chair across the fish tank, something she often did. Unfortunately for her, my husband had the lid off the fish tank that day because he'd been cleaning it. It was the most graceful thing I'd ever seen: Cat leaps from the chair, lands in the fish tank and leaps out, all in one fell swoop! We nearly wet ourselves laughing at the soggy kitty.

Mel said...

so funny! monty understands doorknobs and will paw at them, but thankfully he lacks the size and dexterity to open them.

Cloggsy said...

Poor marilyn may not make it to see the weekend - she has dropsy and even though I've done everything possible to make her better, she's on her way out. Off to fishy heaven.

SOOOO freaking sad.


ElleBee said...

Awww...poor Marilyn. May her last days be swimmy, happy days.

Cindy said...

What is it with kids and that Queen song??? My daughter sings it in the car--loudly and out the window. I try to drive along pretending I have no idea who that is in the backseat of my car.