Caucus, Schmaucus

I have to preface this post by saying that I'm not trying to start a political discussion. I do have Republican preferences, but typically vote the issues and have been known to vote for a Democrat if I feel s/he is the most qualified candidate.

That being said, I have to say that I was quite entertained by the goings-on of the recent Iowa Caucuses (Is there a more absurd word?). In particular, I was entertained by one candidate Governor Mike Huckabee.

I have to say that, while I respect him as a public servant, I have trouble imagining a "President Huckabee". Sounds suspiciously, well, Mayberry-ish. The media has taken a bit of journalistic liberty (I know this surprises all of you.) with this particular candidate's surname. At any rate, the media is talking about the "Hucka-boom", evidently referencing the hubub surrounding his candidacy.

How about "Oba-mania"? Or "Hilla-rity" (sorry, that was definitely a little jab there)? Or maybe "Mitt-itis"? I guess that last one sounds like a disease...

No, it's definitely the name. "Huckabee" just lends itself to creativity. Will his supporters be called "Huckabites" or "Huckabanians"?

What about an official campaign dance? They could call it the "Hucka-Bucka". Trader Joe's could release a special wine called "Hucka-Bucka Chucka's". And what would this dance look like? I envision it something like Elaine's dance on "Seinfeld". But that's just me.

Wanna dance?



lisagh said...

Hilarious! I thought very similar about Huckabee's last name, although my thoughts weren't nearly as indepth or creative!

Cindy said...

Maybe Huckonians?

Funny post.