A Rant

I'm livid. Furious. Outraged. Flabbergasted. Astonished.

And I must vent.

So we're planning this trip to Disney in February. Two weeks from Saturday, actually. Our family, my brother's family and my parents. All headed down with all FIVE children to meet the mouse.

We each purchased Disney Vacation Packages. All told, before airfare and incidentals, we're spending close to $9000. We went with the packages because they are all-inclusive.

Or so we thought.

One of the perks when you purchase a Disney package is Magical Express. This is free transportation from the Orlando Airport to your hotel property.

The children are ages 4 mos., 2 years, 3 1/2 years, 5 years and 7 years. In most states, they would all be in some sort of child safety seat. In Florida (and many others, I assume), child restraints are not required for mass transportation, such as the Magical Express Motor Coach. When we expressed concern, particularly for the two youngest, we were told that we could hold them on our laps for the 30-45 minute drive. Has anyone ever tried to hold a 2 year old for that long? In a bus? And since when is it safe to hold an infant on your lap in a moving vehicle?


Here's my beef. Disney World is arguably the #1 family destination in the world. They are the gold standard when it comes to customer service, event planning, and hospitality. I don't care who OWNS the buses. If Disney includes "free transportation" in their vacation packages (targeted at families, remember), then there should be an option for child restraints. Families with small children could be picked up in vans with seat belts.

And I certainly don't appreciate the associate telling me that Disney didn't own or operate the buses, but they had the Disney logo. Sorry dear, but I don't care about that. Any first year marketing student will tell you that once you slap your logo on something, then according to the customer, it's YOURS.

Now, I know this isn't true, but since I'm the "guest" here, my impression is what counts. By providing an option that doesn't have seat belts or child restraint accommodations, Disney is showing complete disregard for the safety of my children. I don't care that the motor coach is very safe, and there haven't been any accidents in three years. When it comes to the safety of children, Disney should be BENDING OVER BACKWARDS.

Yes, I realize that this is a "free" service. But when I spend THIS MUCH MONEY on a DISNEY vacation package that INCLUDES transportation to your hotel and back to the airport, I expect that it will be safe for EVERYONE in my party.

Again, don't tell me that the motor coaches are perfectly safe and not to worry because an accident isn't going to happen. Because, Disney, all it will take is one accident, and the Year of a Million Dreams will turn into the Year of a Million Nightmares, and you can bet your Mickey ears that you'll be wishing on a star that you'd addressed this sooner.

After speaking with no less than FOUR people in different offices, I was told that I could WRITE to Guest Communications with my concern. So I will. And you should too.

Rant over.



Anonymous said...

A verrry valid point. I have e-mailed them.

Hope you have a great vacation.


ElleBee said...

Thanks, Sandra! It may not seem like much to Disney, but if enough people bring it up, maybe they'll change their minds. :)