I Want One!

How cute are these framed monograms?

I think I might need one. Or five.

Check out Cami's handiwork at The Sassy Flip Flop. Only $20 plus shipping. What a fun little gift for yourself or your favorite preppy!



Kate said...

Adorable! Great price too!

bryan said...

You must have fit in very, very well at Miami.

ElleBee said...

Hmmm, Bryan. Not sure how to take that, but actually, my tastes have changed since my days in Oxford. I was never a "J.Crew" kind of girl, didn't rush a sorority, etc. I didn't really fit the stereotypical "Miami girl" mold. I do think I fit in well with our little Music Department world, but I think it was precisely because we weren't really stereotypical.