Warning: Body Function Mentions

The Manimal has a routine.

He wakes up in the morning, I change his diaper. Sometime while I'm getting dressed, he poops. I change said poopy diaper and he's usually good to go for the day.

The last two days, he's added an early evening poop. Yesterday, when I said "Manimal, you pooped. I need to change your diaper", he shook his finger at me with all of the almost-two-ness he could muster and said "NO MOM! You 'tay dere!" And off he went.

On an unrelated note, C25K is going remarkably well. Anyone else?


Midge said...

Love the new header!

ElleBee said...

Thanks, Midge! Isn't Lisagh talented?! :)

lisagh said...

I've heard that some little boys get rather attached to the contents of their diapers. I don't get it; I have only cats. Oh well... Have fun!

Sasha said...

So glad the C25K is going well! I love "'tay dere!" Too cute!