Why Dogs Bite People

This was the title of an e-mail forward that I received recently. I'd love to credit the photographers or pet owners, but sadly, I can't. I can say that it does make sense. These canines must either have the patience of Job, or their owners pamper them to the point of royalty. They are the only two logical (or legal) explanations for the docile behavior while being forced to wear clothing (or costumes, as it were!).

I call her "Diva Dog".

Hula Girl here looks less than thrilled to be wearing that coconut bikini top. She probably hates her Ohana right now!

When cloning goes bad.

The irony of this costume is just too much to handle.

Maybe this dalmatian/holstein owner is from Wisconsin?

Sing it with me, now..."I'm leavin', 'cause I'm a jet plane!"

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suburban prep said...

These are so funny. Thanks for the laughs.