The Manimal and His Twin

You know those commercials where the photos live in digital cameras for years? I promise to try and NOT be one of those camera owners, but the vacay photos are indeed still in my camera!

So I decided to share a story for which I have no pictures. Of course, it was one incident where we SHOULD have taken photos, so amazing was the resemblance.

On Day 2 of our Disney Excursion, we ventured to Animal Kingdom with our VIP Guide, Matthew (more on the VIP program later, but Tiny and Matthew? They ROCK!). We made a quick pit stop at the potties before we headed into the wild. Nana kept an eye on The Manimal while I powdered my nose, and when I came out, I saw double.

Standing next to my red-striped shirt and tan shorts clad child was his doppelganger. Dressed in an identical outfit, right down to his monkey backpack (but, shh, it's really a harness!) and curly brown hair! Manimal #2's family was wildly snapping pictures, but the Diva family? We all just stared, mouths agape. A quick conversation with Manimal #2's mom confirmed that we frequented the same stores for kids' clothes, and believe it or not, the twin was only about 10 days The Manimal's senior!

The boys, of course, didn't seem to be as in awe of the resemblance as did the families. They both just stood there, eyes glazed over, wondering why everyone was taking pictures and pointing. Put some mouse ears on them and people would've thought they were part of the park attraction.

If you're headed to Animal Kingdom, I highly recommend the "Festival of the Lion King" show. A.Ma.Zing. Fabulous show, enjoyed by all. "It's Hard to Be a Bug" was a big hit as well, as was "Expedition Everest". We did some of the kiddie rides too, but they're, well, kiddie rides. The safari was nice, but I can't imagine waiting in a long line for it. All in all, a "Hakuna Matata" kind of day!

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