I Am

Found on many blogs, Mrs. Decker's among them.


I am from books and potato fields, wallpaper paste and Norwegian painting.

I am from base housing and farmhouses, brick homes on the Cape and brick homes in subdivisions.

I am from the peonies and bird houses, hostas, roses and pine strewn forests.

I am from creamed herring on New Year's, octegenarian and nonegenarian women, from Hilja and Tuulikki, Alvin and Eugene, Justina and Sylvia.

I am from stubbornness and short legs.

From quiet Finns and sitting in the garage watching the thunderstorms.

I am from Schubert's "Ave Maria" and "Yes, Sister Mary Heliadora", May Crownings and "Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary".

I am from Wisconsin and Germany, Bohemia and Finland, Switzerland and Minnesota, from pulla and kolaches.

From the saunas of Ely, Minnesota and the pride of the U.S. Air Force.

I am from painters and nurses, teachers and factory workers, and and a library janitor smarter than all of us put together.

I am from letters to a young mother from a father in Alaska and photos sent to proud family members hundreds of miles away, unconditional love and a German Mother's Medal stolen from the Nazis by my Great-Uncle during WWII.

I am love and life, music and silence, joys and sorrows, friendship and passion.

And me.


I am from _______ (specific ordinary item), from _______ (product name) and _______.
I am from the _______ (home description... adjective, adjective, sensory detail).
I am from the _______ (plant, flower, natural item), the _______ (plant, flower, natural detail)
I am from _______ (family tradition) and _______ (family trait), from _______ (name of family member) and _______ (another family name) and _______ (family name).
I am from the _______ (description of family tendency) and _______ (another one).From _______ (something you were told as a child) and _______ (another).
I am from (representation of religion, or lack of it).
Further description.I'm from _______ (place of birth and family ancestry), _______ (two food items representing your family).From the _______ (specific family story about a specific person and detail), the _______ (another detail, and the _______ (another detail about another family member).
I am from _______ (location of family pictures, mementos, archives and several more lines indicating their worth).

Don't worry about following form exactly. Can't wait to read everyone's!

Who are you?

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Mrs. Decker said...

I just love it! You really get to know a person when you read their poems. Great job!