The Simple Woman's Daybook--July 7th


Outside my Window...Overcast skies, lots of clouds. Preparing for a big summer thunderstorm, no doubt!

I am thinking...of my busy week. Appointments today and tomorrow. Trying to balance work and home. Sigh.

I am thankful for...Sunday sermons that always seem to speak to me where I am; my children, whom I love dearly, even though I get frustrated easily.

From the kitchen...Yummy garlic lemon-roasted green beans and balsamic sugar-roasted asparagus. I love summer veggies!

I am creating...Not feeling very creative lately. :(

I am going...to clean my closet this week if it's the last thing I do!

I am wearing...Jeans, white tee shirt, brown sandals and my favorite silver bracelet and earrings.

I am reading...sadly, nothing at the moment, other than a few pages of whatever's next to the bed at night to get to sleep.

I am hoping...for peace in my head and heart.

I am hearing... An "old school" Michael W. Smith album, "Live the Life"

Around the house...SO did not get to my closet last week. Absolutely must do that this week.

One of my favorite things...the feeling of accomplishment after completing all tasks on a list. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened lately.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...How in the world am I going to survive a WHOLE WEEK at work?! :) SS#1 is on campus for soccer camp, which he totally loves. Goal for the week is to organize my closet, New Life for Haiti Banquet Planning Meeting on Wednesday, then home group on Friday.

I have pictures for you. In my camera. What do you mean you can't see them?! :)

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mamasmurf said...

I'm sure you'll get round to clearing your closet this week - hope you do!

Cobblestones said...

Yummy, do you have those recipes posted anywhere??

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing your daybook, it was fun reading :)

mytudorhouse said...

I love old music by Michael W. Smith too :-)


marye said...

Oh you mae me laugh..several times. Great daybook entry!

Julie D. said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook. I need to clean our closet out too. My husband's is much neater than mine.
: )
Have a wonderful week.
Julie D.

A happy heart at home said...

I don't often get things on my list accomplished, either. :) All we can do is the best we can. I hope you have a good week.


The Butterfly Catcher said...

Don't feel bad about the closet. . .I've got one that I've been "planning" to clean for the last month, and still haven't gotten to it yet!!!:)