Knowledge is Power

The Manimal knows his body parts. ALL of his body parts. As two year-old boys are wont to do, he expressed curiosity about his...uhm...male parts.

The following conversation took place while changing his diaper one day:

Manimal: "Mom, whas dis?"
Mom: "That's your penis."
Manimal: "My peanuts?"
Mom: "No, pee-niss."
Manimal: "Oh, my pee-nuss."

The next diaper change went like this:

Manimal: "Mom, dis my pee-nuss."
Mom: "Yes, it is."
Manimal: "Papa have pee-nuss?"
Mom: "Yes he does."
Manimal: "Nana have pee-nuss?"
Mom: "No. Nana doesn't. Only boys have a penis."
Manimal: "Oh, only boys. Mommy, you have a pee-nuss?"
Mom: "No, Mommy's a girl."
Manimal: "Oh, girl no have pee-nuss."

Since then, EVERY subsequent diaper change goes something like this:

Manimal: "Dis my pee-nuss. Papa have pee-nuss. Nana no have pee-nuss. Daddy have pee-nuss. Girl no have pee-nuss. Only boy have pee-nuss."

At least he hasn't asked about the dog. I'm not really prepared for inter-species body part discussions.


bryan said...

We've got four boys, so it's pee-nuss city at the Bucher house. Can't go a day without a question or comment about them. Welcome to the club.

suburban prep said...

My sister has the same sort of situation going on at her house. She has a two and a three yr old little men. The 3 yr old is mostly potty trained but the 2 yr old has no interest in it and he acts the same way you just recounted.

Anonymous said...

Wellll, at least he's asking you during diaper change, and not in line at the grocery store! Or at least, I assume, the diaper change isn't happening in the line at the grocery store! :}

ElleBee said...

Hah! Sandra, I have to say that the line at the grocery is one place I haven't had to change a diaper. Although, I've had some odd locations...

Anonymous said...

lol that's cute, we at least he's learning :-)