Camp, Camp, Camp...Everybody Here's a Champ!

Other than part-time jobs, I've always worked for educational organizations, so my adult schedule seems to have focused on a school year calendar. Consequently, August always brings with it a sentimental feeling. The summer is ending and the school year beginning. Today as I dropped off SS#1 at day camp, I recalled six amazing summers of my own.

I did my fair share of camping as a kid. Girl scout camps, church camps, pop-up trailer camping with the fam. You name it, we did it. I have some really wonderful memories of being a camper.

None of those memories, however, compare with the six summers I spent as camp counselor. In 1989, one of my college friends introduced me to Culver Summer Camps. She had attended as a camper and was working as a counselor. She encouraged me to apply for a counselor position.

If you're not familiar with Culver, it is a renowned Military Academy and Girls Academy during the academic year, and a fabulous 6 week summer camp during the "off season".

My parents could never have afforded to send me to camp there, but for six blissful summers, I lived vicariously through my campers. Even though I was in college and teaching when I was there, for six weeks, I was a kid again, with no worries except to have fun. It was not as much work, as work disguised as fun.

Here's to the summer memories!


Anonymous said...

One of DD's friends was married at Culver Military Academy. Very elegant. (I forget why. Maybe the groom was a graduate.)

Michelle said...

I'm sad that one of your favorite memories wasn't CJ's Band Camp. We were so amazing! :)