High Tea

I love tea. Hot tea, iced tea. I've even developed a fondness for that stuff those Southerners call "sweet tea". This morning, I decided to have a cup of hot tea, so I assembled all of the necessary tools.

  • Tea (leaf form, thankyouverymuch) from this fabulous site. (By the way, if you love tea and want to order from here, leave me a note in the comments and I'll send you a $5 gift certificate!)
  • My excellent teapot.
  • My favorite Disney mug (it's a nice big mug with a big handle...looveee it)
  • Honey

After the tea finished brewing, I poured it, steaming, into the cup. Then I took out the honey.

Ah yes, the honey.

So this past weekend, at the farmer's market, I came across some local honey in the comb. I've heard marvelous things about honey in the comb, so I bought it. Yes, indeedy, it is some tasty honey.

But I have a problem.

And I need your help.

How, exactly, does one get the honey OUT of the comb?

You see, if I just chuck a chunk of the comb into my tea, I end up with waxy bits floating in my cuppa. This does exactly nothing to enhance the tea drinking experience.

I tried smashing some comb to extract the honey, but just ended up with a mashed, sticky, waxy mess.

Please help me. I need some of the sweet honey goodness in my tea.


Octamom said...

This got me to thinking--how does one get honey out of a honey comb? Hmmm...I'd never really thought about it--did a little web search and had a couple of suggestions--
Wrap the honeycomb in pantyhose or cheese cloth, hang it up over a bowl and leave it over night--reportedly the honey will drip out of the honeycomb and the pantyhose or cheesecloth will filter any bits of wax or debris---

Thanks for visiting over at my 'place'--I'm looking forward to perusing all of your blogs!

Anonymous said...

When in doubt - microwave! How about putting a small piece in the microwave and either the honey will run out by itself, or you can put it in a piece of cheesecloth and squeeze it out. Just a guess. Be sure to let you know the method that finally worked for you. Happy honey harvesting!