A Major Award!

I love "A Christmas Story". It's one of my favorite movies, and the "major award" scene sends me into hysterical laughter nearly every time I watch it.

This is not a major award, but I love it just the same! Meaghan over at I Kicked Cancer's Ass has bestowed the "Kreativ Blogger" award on me. She's so sweet to do that, and she's one busy lady lately, what with kicking cancer and kicking off her new coffee company and all! If you haven't yet, go visit!

Meanwhile, here are the rules of the award:

1. Mention the blog that gave you the reward and comment on their blog to let them know that you have posted the award.

2. You also have to list 6 things you VALUE and 6 things you Don't VALUE.

3. Lastly, you have to pass the award onto 6 other bloggy friends!

Six Things I Value:

1. My relationship with Christ... Although I was raised Catholic, I never felt a really personal connection with Jesus and never understood when people spoke of having one. Now I have a wonderful church home and am a fervent follower of The Galilean. My relationship with Him has truly affected every area of my life.

2. My family...We're scattered in different states, but when it comes to family, miles are no object. You never truly realize the value of family until crisis strikes, and when it did, boy howdy, they came running. I can't imagine living so far from family and not having technology around to make communication easier.

3. Respect... Earned, not demanded.

4. Love... Unconditionally given.

5. A really good night's sleep...I have young children and don't expect to get one anytime soon.

6. Education...Not always formal, but I respect those who choose to educate themselves. My grandfather didn't go beyond 8th grade, but he was one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. And I work in higher education, so that's saying quite a bit.

Six Things I DO NOT value:

1. Meanness...There is no reason for meanness. Ever. Be Nice and Play Fair.

2. Anyone who feels a sense of obligation...The world owes you nothing. It was here first.

3. Stuff...Lately I've been feeling the need to downsize. Since not everyone in my life is on board with that, I can't go to the extremes I probably would by myself, but I think Americans in general have too much stuff.

4. Dishonesty...Tell the truth. It will set you free.

5. CYA Procedures and Rules...Why can't everyone just be honest, do the right thing and be nice? Why do we feel the need to "cover our a$$es"?

6. Laziness...Get off your tookus and get going. Do something. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you.

So now comes the best part where I get to give the award to 6 bloggy friends. Go visit them and spread the bloggy love!

C.Beth Blog...Go visit Beth. She's a mom, a writer and she's FUNNY! She also has this great Writing Blog with one-minute writing prompts.

Just Lisa, No Filler...Not only does she have a really cool first name, ;) she also has a beautiful little girl, Allie Cat, and a sweet little baby boy, Adam. Oh yeah, and Wylee (as in coyote), her fab hubby.

Oh My Stinkin Heck...Heather is a mom, wife, blogger and web designer. She has a very full house (1 hubs, 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a snake named Ringo) and a very full life, but still manages to write a great blog!

The Painted House...Now this is one "kreativ blogger". Angela is a wife, mom and ARTIST. She's very talented and I love visiting her house every day!

Mrs. Fussypants...She has SO much on her plate right now. In addition to being a wife and mom, she's started an online magazine called Blissfully Domestic. Bliss!

La Mia Cucina...I am such a foodie. I absolutely love to cook and plan meals, so I couldn't let go without one of my fave food blogs. She's real and down-to-earth and I love reading her every day!

So there you are, the Diva picks for "Kreativ Blogger". Go check them out, and Happy Monday!


angela | the painted house said...

Thank you, ElleBee!!! I am honored to be included in your list! Did I say thank you? Thank you!

I identify with a lot in your lists. My grandfather, too, only made it to 8th grade or so and is brilliant.

Lis said...

Awww thank you so much for this lovely award!! You've made my week so much brighter because of your kind words. :)

Thank you! Thank you! :D


Rue said...

Hi ElleBee :)

Thank you so much for coming by and leaving me a comment!

Great meme and so true :)


greedygrace said...

Wow! An award! Thank you so much! I am honored!