She Must've Been REALLY Hungry...

Today we'll be discussing a member of the Diva family who has lately gotten very little blog time.

Our dog.

Princess Poopy Puppy will celebrate her second birthday next month, and thanks in no small part to the little men (monsters) in her life, she still acts much like a puppy. She loves to run and jump. She follows me EVERYWHERE (as an aside, I never truly understood "follow me around like a puppy" until she came along). Sometimes I run to the bathroom and slam the door just to get some privacy, otherwise between she and the boys, I'd NEVER have any time to myself!

And much like a puppy, she must chew. It's got to be in her genes. I've learned to keep her "rolling in rawhide" as it were, otherwise, nothing is safe. Some of her favorite things (victims) include socks, towels, rolls of toilet paper, stuffed animals. You get the idea.

Generally, I don't get too angry. She is, after all, just a puppy. And if I forget to keep her chew toys stocked, that's certainly not her fault. And if she chews up a toy or two, that will just teach SS#1 and The Manimal not to leave things lying around on the floor.

Enter the Little People. I'm talking about those of the Fisher Price variety rather than my offspring. Now, when I was their age, little people were about two inches high, with bodies and heads of wood. Then someone decided that they were choking hazards and the fine folks at FP decided to make them bigger. While I don't think they've quite got the charm of the originals, they're still pretty cute.

Especially the Nativity Scene.

I love our FP Nativity. The boys love our FP Nativity, although perhaps not quite as much as I do. It is just so darn cute, with the little Mary & Joseph, Three Kings, Shepherd, Angels. You get the idea. There is a little perch atop the stable for an angel, and when you push on her, the stable plays "Away in a Manger". The Manimal likes to experiment with various "angels" and thus far his favorite to put on top of the stable is Baby Jesus (who also seems to like to ride in the FP LP Helicopter). Too cute.

Last week, however, we suffered two great losses.

Princess must be hankering for beef, as SS#1 found remnants of the cow. Yes, she ate the Holstein, head and hooves. She was severely reprimanded for this little snack.

But just when we thought she'd learned her lesson, she committed the worst of all possible creche-related snacking sins.

She ATE the Baby Jesus.

Yes, my friends, Princess consumed, body and bed, the figure of Our Savior.

Now, the Manger toys are still cute, but without a Baby Jesus, something seems to be missing. And who will be there to "low" with the other animals if the cow is gone?

I hope God forgives doggie sins.

And please God, help me find a new Baby Jesus and cow.



Megryansmom said...

All dogs go to Heaven

Hi it's the welcome wagon again, just to keep things interesting, I'll be randomly revisitng ALL the blogs in SSS. You can call it butt kissing too, just in case you have me as your partner, I want to make sure I've made a good impression.

C. Beth said...

Elle-Bee This is SO funny!!! Love it. You've just earned yourself a spot on my blog roll. :-D

ModernMommy said...

Well, if He can forgive me for throwing baby Jesus through the window (bad fight, as a newlywed) then I am sure He can forgive the dog for eating him.
By the way, I tagged you on my blog...ModernMommyBlog

heather said...

You can buy a set of replacement characters for $20 from fisher-price.com. I looked on ebay, but the Jesus and cow together would be about $15 plus shipping, yikes. If you get the whole set, at least you'll have extras if PPP gets hungry again!