Go Get the Bean!

Well, it seems as though our Indian Summer here in the Windy City has turned against us. Our weather is more reflective of the city's nickname. One good thing about colder weather?


No, not this Bean (although he's very funny!).

And not this Bean (but every girl needs Tiffany in her life!). Not this Bean either (however, they are pretty tasty!).
Not even these cute little Beans!

No, I'm talking about THIS bean!

More specifically, THIS bean!

Get the Bean is a company that Meghan and her boyfriend started. They sell all kinds of yummy teas, coffees, biscotti...get the idea? Now I realize coffee sites are a dime a dozen, but here's the cool thing about Get the Bean: they are dedicated to fighting cancer!

How can a bean fight cancer? Meghan is this totally beautiful young woman who beat Stage 3B Cervical Cancer. You can read her story here.

Now they raise awareness through their survivor stories and giveaways. I could tell you everything in this little post, but you really need to read it all for yourself.

With a cup of coffee, preferably.


C. Beth said...

I'll check it out and I'm going to send it to a good friend who is a cancer survivor. Thanks!

Meaghan said...

This is an amazing post!! But, you are a pretty amazing woman yourself so im not surprised at all. Thank you so much for the kind words. it was great talking to you again. I am so glad you called.

I hope you love the coffee and let me know what you think after you brew your first pot :)


georgie said...

I am off to read her story...

monica said...

yeah, another coffee fan!