Gonna Party Like It's...1969?

Well here it is...my 300th post week! I'm so excited, and to celebrate, I'm having a week of giveaways, leading up to my 300th post, on Friday!

I can remember as a child my mom had a lava lamp. I was so enthralled watching the fluid globs of...well, lava, I suppose (not really, I know!). I'm not sure exactly what happened to that piece of kitsch, but let's just say that it wouldn't really go with their decor now!

Today's gift is a little way to celebrate that unique piece of Americana, and well, just celebrate (with or without alcohol, as far as I'm concerned)!

It's "The Original Lava Party Kit"! In case you can't exactly see from the picture, it includes 2 color phasing, lava lamp shaped LED shot glasses, 1 color phasing, lava lamp shaped bottle opener and four different colored, light up ice cubes. The lava shot glass is 6" high and 2" wide. The bottle opener 5.5" high and 1.5" wide. Each cube is 1-1/2 high and 1-1/2 wide.

Now, even if you don't enjoy "the hard stuff", rest assured that even kiddos will get a kick out of this. On our Disney trip last year, the kids got one of these color light up ice cubes in their fruit punch and you'd've thought they'd been served by Mickey himself!

So how can you win this first gift in the Fabulous 300th Post Giveaway? Easy-Peasy! Just leave a comment here, telling me one decorative item you remember from your childhood, and you'll get one entry. Want a bonus entry? Link to me from your blog and I'll enter you twice! It'll be a random drawing, certified by my very own randomizer, SS#1. Deadline is 8:30 pm (Central Time...sorry folks, you'll have to do the math depending on where you are!) tonight (11/24/08). Winner will be announced tomorrow!

And if you're not chosen, no worries! We've got a whole week of fun giveaways! Tomorrow will be a pretty little decorating bauble, especially for all you preppy friends out there!

And don't forget to check the button on my sidebar for Ruby & Roja's fun Christmas giveaway!

***EDITED TO ADD: I've decided to extend the deadline each night to Midnight (because I know there are some night owls out there!), and will post the winner the next morning. Spread the word--the more, the merrier!***


Cindy said...

A lava lamp? Do you think your mom was some kind of closet stoner??

I don't know where to begin on decorative items. My parents' home is a museum to the 1970s. Popcorn ceiling, earth tones colors, shag carpet. It was all so fashionable once. I remember in particular a MACRAME wall hanging my mother bought. We were all so proud of her for being so with it. And now that it's still hanging in their house? Not so much.

Jenners said...

First of all, congratulations on your upcoming 300th post! That is quite an accomplishment! If you were a TV show, you would be in syndication already!

Second, that lava lamp kit is really really cool! Me want one even if I don't win! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Third, my decorative childhood memory: I don't know if this was a decorative item since it was a piece of furniture but we actually had a giant egg-shaped chair that hung from a chrome frame and you could swing in it. The egg was made with basket material, and we had these funky off-white pillows in it. It was in our living room (which also had long, purple shag carpeting) my whole childhood and us kids LOVED it! Thinking back, I realize it was hideous but you could actually SWING in it! I wish I had that chair now in fact...my son would get a kick out it. Gosh, the 1970s were fun, huh? No wonder I have no fashion sense!

sunrae said...

You are so much fun!
I actually have 2. One is my Big bro's Jimi Hendrix poster that was way cool. It was painted all psychodellic colors and I could not wait for him to go to college because I thought I could of inherit it. Needless to say he took it with him.
I have this weird likings to Coo coo clocks. I would love and go visit my grandparents farm in Kentucky just so I could see the coo coo clock. My grandmother has passed, but it is now hanging in my fathers house and what great memories it brings back.

C. Beth said...

My parents' GORGEOUS porcelain Nativity set!

ElleBee said...

I'm pretty sure that your parents never had to worry about the dog EATING their Nativity (maybe kids breaking it, but not dogs eating it). For the record, Princess chewed off Mary's hands. I've pretty much given up, and have purchased the Willow Tree Nativity as a consolation gift for me. I figure I can add a piece to that every year and not have to worry that the dog's gonna EAT it!

georgie said...

now thats cool!
how bout the rubix cube-i never could solve the darn thing

stopping by from SSS just to let you know I have a SSS update post up today please stop by

georgie said...

OH and congrats on 300th post THATS AWESOME!!!!

heather said...

Yeah, so I know I'm too late for the glorious lave lamp set, but I very clearly remember grandma's macramé owl, which was hung on the wall next to the macramé plant holder that held, what else, a spider plant...