I'll Get You, My Pretties!

I love to decorate for Christmas. Growing up, we never had a super-formal tree. We had some store bought ornaments, but a majority of our tree decor was handmade. Whether it was the toilet paper Santa that my brother made in grade school, or the styrofoam/felt/sequin concoction that I made in kindergarten, each piece had and still has so many memories.

Our tree is much the same. I have a lot of store-bought ornaments that I've collected over the years, but my favorites are the handmade ones. Like the now beakless and eyeless styrofoam snowbird that my Great Aunt Aggie made for me when I was seven. Or the manila paper angel with the torn wings that I made at some point in grade school.

I'm also attracted to what I call the "Sandra Lee" method of Christmas decorating. That's where you take store bought decor, and add your own personal touch.

Which brings us to today's giveaway! One of the words I sometimes use to define my personal sense of style is "preppy". This word means many different things to many different people. One of the common elements, however, seems to be the attraction of all things monogrammed. I mean, who doesn't like to see their name in lights?

Well, maybe not in lights, but today's giveaway is a glass ball ornament, Sandra Lee-d by yours truly! You can choose the name/initial of the recipient, and I'll send it off to you! I apologize in advance for the photos--taken by my very preppy little hot pink phone! Does the job, but certainly not the quality I'd like. The winner's bauble will also be accented by a lovely little ribbon. The ornament is a lovely lime-y green and the writing is hot pink. Great fun for girlfriends or the little princess in your life, or better yet, YOU! :)


C. Beth said...

Cute! I'm in! :)

tommie said...

I like the idea of using something to start with! I think this might be a little teacher gift I can do.

heather said...

So cute! I must love all things monogrammed, I live in the south!

Jenners said...


I must have missed this the other day when visiting! So hard to keep track of everything I'm finding.

Anyway, I know what you mean about the homemade Christmas ornaments. I had tons from when I was a child that my husband thinks are hideous. I'm planning to do a photo essay about them when we get our Christmas stuff out this weekend. To me, the more "ugly" and "filled with personality" an ornament is, the better! My husband was raised in a glass ornaments only home but he is gradually coming around to the personalized story-telling homemade tree...but I still only get to put 1 or 2 of the more hideous looking ornaments on the tree! Such is the nature of marriage, I guess!