How Could I Forget!?!

This does NOT count as a separate post, as I have my week of posts very clearly planned so that my 300th post falls on Friday, and I'm the boss of this blog.

But how could I forget to announce the winner of the FABULOUS LAVA LAMP SET from yesterday?! :)

Lest anyone think that first commenters NEVER win, she has! That's right folks, Miss Fig herself, Cindy, will be transported back in time with the lava lamp party set. I wonder though, if she may have to fight Sophie for it?

Oh, and Cindy? While I don't THINK she was a closet stoner, Diva Mom does read the blog, so she could certainly address that one for herself! ;) Send me an email with your addy and I'll drop your gift in the mail!

1 comment:

Jenners said...

Love the new look! And yes...you are the boss of your blog and can do whatever you want!!! That's what makes it so fun!