OneTwoThree GO!

Have you ever played "Hide and Seek" with a young seeker? One who REALLY likes to count, but doesn't really get it?

I am SO with Jenni on this one. My life hasn't been as busy as hers, but sometimes I feel I'm just starting to get the hang of life in general, and suddenly, time is like a three year-old just learning to count "OneTwoThree Go! Found you!"

Check out her post from yesterday and tell me that you don't know EXACTLY what she's talking about!

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Jenners said...

Thanks for pointing me to that post. Gave me a giggle and then some lovely things to think about.

Hide and seek with a young child is such a funny thing. My son hides in the exact same place every time but I make a big production out of trying to find him. It just cracks him up.