Captain Obvious

One of the things that irritates me to no end is when people find it necessary to state the very obvious. Such statements make me wonder why the person feels it so important to contribute to a conversation when it's clear that EVERYONE involved is already aware of what they are about to say.

"Wow. He's really tall." is pretty much an irrelevant statement when the person in question ascends 6'8" straight up.

"These gas prices are ridiculous!" Of course they are. When gas in the USA approaches $5/gallon, the only happy people are the oil executives.

"It's SO hot outside!" Uhm...yeah. It's July. It's SUPPOSED to be hot.

Well, today I claim the title of Captain Obvious. But I feel justified. Because, blogland, this is what I saw on the electronic sign coming onto the campus of Diva U. this morning:

8:27 AM
0 degrees
Here it is.

Wait for it.

It's COLD. And for you Canadians, that would be Fahrenheit. Now I realize that may be a heat wave for some of you. But for us Third Coast residents in December? It's just not supposed to be that cold.

And snow. We have it. And frankly, from the looks of the thermometers, it's not going anywhere. We are, barring any sort of immediate global warming situation, going to have a white Christmas.

But back to stating the obvious.

It's cold. I may have to look for jobs further south. Like Jamaica. Or at least Texas! :)

Trying desperately to warm up my blue-tinged fingers...


Jenners said...

Oh I would probably irritate you to no end in real life. I am always stating the obvious... probably because I forget to filter what I am saying half the time. I often come across really idiotic in real life, which is kind of why I like blogging, I think. I get a chance to review what I said before I say it.

Keep Warm!

lisaschaos said...

I'm not sure we ever got up to 0 today but when it's not a temp you have often it is a shock! And I swear that my parent's 30 degrees in Missouri feels like our zero. :)

C. Beth said...

Come on down to TX; we've been positively balmy in the upper 20s to low 30s the last couple of mornings! :) I have to admit, though, that's REALLY cold to this Arizona native!