Girls Night Out

I'm beginning to think I might have to go buy a lottery ticket or something, because apparently, I'm having a very lucky go-round with some of the bloggy giveaways that have been happening! :)

The other day I wrote about winning the Chocolate Package from Debi at YaYa Chique. I was so excited and can't wait to get it!

Then last night, I found out that I won Denise's Fourth Day of Christmas Giveaway! She'll be sending me a lovely Girls Night Out basket with a "Sex and the City" theme. Since I haven't seen the movie and I love a good Cosmo, I can't wait to get it!

Denise's description is as follows: "The basket includes the Sex in the City wide screen DVD, a bottle of non alcoholic Cosmo mix. Its strictly BYOV (vodka) here. Orange is not my color! Also included are 2 heavy polycarbonate martini glasses so you can watch and drink with your BFF. (Polycarbonate sounds much sturdier than plastic) While you're watching and sipping you can also nibble on--chocolate that is! Get your mind out of the gutter! Six Ghirardelli chocolate squares are included. And let's not forget the basket!"

Girly things are so much fun for me because, well, I'm a girl, yes, but have I mentioned lately how OUTNUMBERED I am in my home? That's why we got a girly dog, remember!

So many bloggers are doing fun giveaways and I wanted to give a little plug for my bloggy friend Jenners. Remember, she of the Starbucks-winning "Life With a Little One and More"? Well, her Hubby is sort of getting the gist of the bloggy world, and Jenners is giving away a $20 Target Gift Card. Who doesn't love Target?! You can just comment and get an entry, but you absolutely MUST try her children's books quiz, as you have the chance for even more entries!

Have fun, and celebrate this season of giving (and remember the Greatest Gift of All!)


georgie said...

How COOL is the SATC gift basket...I am green with envy!
Congrats on your Bloggy wins

Sasha said...

How lucky! Definitely go buy some lottery tickets!

Siansburys said...

Ooh congrats! You also win a little munkie badge if you'd like to email me your address :D


s x

Jenners said...

Ooooohhhhh! You are lucky! I bet you win my giveaway too! That would be neat if I won one of yours and you won mine! The SATC one sounds like fun...I haven't seen the movie but saw some of the TV show.

By the way, you got the maximum amount of entries possible in the giveaway because you scored 100% on the quiz! Good job! And thanks for the link!

Denise said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love meeting new bloggers. And Congrats on all your winnings....I have had some good luck lately winning blog giveaways too. But my luck ran out when I bought lottery tickets.

Sasha said...

Shoot me an email with your email address and I'll add you as a contributor!

barelytogether at yahoo dot com