Going Nuts

I'm still here, but we have big goings on at the U. this weekend, so I'm super busy and working both today and tomorrow. :(

Since I'm going nuts, you should be too! Check out my bloggy buddy C.Beth and her nutty giveaway.

Also, I'll be back soon with some pleas for help. The Manimal has come up with a, well, rather unusual Christmas request.

And in a last homage to Beth's giveaway...

Sometimes you feel like a nut--sometimes you don't!


C. Beth said...

Thanks for the shout-out! :)

Chris Bowers said...

I just came from C.Beth and she and I are definitely nuts!

Jenners said...

We've got a busy weekend too -- going to NYC to check out the Christmas stuff. The Little One was so excited he got up at 5:00 am!!!

Interested to hear about the Manimal's request!