Them's Fightin' Words

Let It Snow. Seems like such an innocuous phrase. I mean, who doesn't love a good snowstorm?

I remember praying REALLY hard for snow days as a kid.

I remember the thrill of snow days when I was a teacher.

Now I'm the parent of a school age child, and I pray for the snow to STAY AWAY. Unfortunately, we live outside of Chicago, which has a history of, well, snow. I dread January and February each year, because we typically have AT LEAST one whopper of a storm.

This year, we've already had a bit of snow. Not a ton, but enough to cover the ground. It did all melt, but then we got more today. Sweet Son #1 and The Manimal, being typical kids, are so doggone excited to see snow that they can somehow manage to make snow fun with even the smallest dusting.

Last week, SS#1 asked if he could put a snowball in the freezer. I laughed to myself, because what kid doesn't dream of having a snowball in July?

Apparently though, they're either making plans for a major ambush or planning on building an igloo, because the snowballs have multiplied.


Jenners said...

So funny!!! I guess you need a bunch if you're planning to have a snowball fight! Just one won't do, mom!!!

georgie said...

LOL!!! Thats so cute and we didnt get snow yesterday i am soooo bummed-I may come back periodically through the day and stare at them snowballs ;-)

ElleBee said...

Jenners...the funny thing is, he ASKED if he could put the first one in there. The second just appeared!
Georgie...we were supposed to get 1-3" last night and didn't. I'll be sure to send any future snow your way!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i like those kids...thinking ahead. that's a good thing!