Nice List

Well, I survived the big weekend at Diva U. I've been there for almost 10 years, and this is my 19th Commencement Weekend. My feet are killing me...

But I must've really been good this year, because when I got home yesterday, my Secret Santa had dropped off an early Christmas package! I participated in Georgie and Amy's Secret Santa Soiree this year, and had a blast putting together my package to send off.

While I'm not positive who had my name, I've got a sneaky suspicion because of the return address. :) Whoever was my Secret Santa did a great job!

When I opened the box, I found these fabulous gift bags...

And when I opened the gift bags, I found these cool metal star ornaments, soy candle and beautiful handmade scarf...
and these fun fuzzy pink socks, Lindor Truffles and tasty (if you're a dog) Heart Treats (see below)...
And if those weren't sweet enough, Secret Santa included gifts for The Manimal and Sweet Son #1...and Princess Poopy Puppy received a gift from the Pug Princes!
I'd've taken a picture of Princess and her Heart Shaped Liver treats, but she devours them so quickly, there was no point! :)
There were a few other wonderful little gifts, like Burt's Bees Lip Balm, fun snowman tissues, Starbuck's Gift Cards (woo-hoo!), and some tasty Buckeye candies, which, sadly, Diva Husband enjoyed all too well. My Secret Santa even thought to get me candy from my home state! :) How cool is that?!
So, Secret Santa, whomever you are, thank you SO much! And Georgie and Amy, count me in for next year! For the rest of you, make sure YOU'RE on the nice list so Santa's good to you too! :)
Stay tuned tomorrow for The Manimal's Christmas Wish. It's gonna be some good clean (well, maybe not clean) fun!


Chris Bowers said...

I love PEZ!

georgie said...

I am SOOOOOOO jealous and I aint even Kiddin! Those ummm barn stars are BEAUTIFUL...if you dont have room for them I have an empty wall!
Your SSS partner ROCKS!

sunrae said...

Hello my friend,
I am glad you are okay. I did not see you yesterday but I saw jacob I was worried you or Camden may have been sick.
I am glad you're okay!

Talk to you soon.

btw~ Jacob was so cute yesterday in the play!