This is the song that never ends...

And a great big hearty "you're welcome" for putting that song into your heads this Monday morning!

Just a few things that never seem to end...

This nasty cold. Thanks to The Manimal, we're now on Round 2!

Turkey. Nuff said.

The 300th Post! Who knew that a 300th post extravaganza held over Thanksgiving would be such craziness?! That being said, let's recap the winners of our Fabulous 300th Post Giveaways!

Original Lava Lamp Party Kit Monday: Miss Cindy Fig--still haven't received your addy, girlfriend, so zip me an email!

Sandra Lee-d Ornament Tuesday: A big Woo-Hoo to Tommie--another addy missing, btw!

Starbucks Love Wednesday: Yay for Jenners--headed your way today, lady!

Thanksgiving Thursday: Georgie is getting this one--headed out today too!

And...drum roll please! For Fabulous 300th Post Friday (which didn't happen until Saturday, but oh well): Sweet Sandra from Add Humor & Faith! Send me your addy, Miss Sandra and I'll send you that $25 Target Gift Card.

I've mentioned before that I love to give presents, and it seems so appropriate to add a bonus to this week of giveaways. Soooo...I took the names of all of my wonderful readers who entered but didn't win, assigned numbers to them, and let my randomizer go to work!

Congrats to Suburban Prep! Send me your addy and I'll send off your special Fabulous 300th Post Gift!

Thanks to all who participated in my week of giveaways! Hard to believe that I've hit that magic number of 300. As Jenners commented, if I were a TV show, I'd be in syndication by now! :)

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Jenners said...

Thanks again, by the way!
We too have the cold that doesn't seem to ever go away...I think it will still be around by the time I get to my 300th post!