Mommy Giveaway

By now, if you've read my blog for any length of time, you know my youngest, The Manimal, is...well...strong-willed.

That is to say that he...well...does his own thing. A lot. Often, this means, if I say "go left", he hears "go right". If I say "peas", he hears "popsicles". When he was small enough to actually strap into a cart, he liked to play the "drop it" game. I can't count the number of times I picked up his bottle/sippy cup/toy/you name it!
Now that he's older, the boy HATES to be forced into a cart, and his 40+ pounds gets a bit heavy on my hip.

One of the amazing tools in my arsenal has been the Take-Along Tether.
Jennifer Spencer, a friend of the Diva Sister-in-Law is the brains behind this incredible invention. A mom and occupational therapist, she knows what she's talking about! And guess what? She's GIVING ONE AWAY! :)

Go check out her website, and enter your email addy on the "Contact Us" Page and at the end of January, she's doing a random drawing for one! Winner or not, they also make fabulous "new baby" gifts. AND you'll be doing your part to support a "mompreneur"!

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