Do A Good Turn Daily

I think that was one of the Girl Scout tenets. Of course, it's a good motto to live by, regardless.

In my Facebook reunions with old friends and colleagues, I reconnected with a grammar school/high school classmate. He has this great blog, Good Turns At Every Turn.

In his own words...

"10% of people don't care. 10% might care a little too much. Then there's that 80% in the middle who want to do the right thing but don't have the time or resources to question and examine every decision they make. If you don't know where to start, this might help you learn how to do a Good Turn in small ways in your everyday life. It's environment, it's politics, it's social awareness. It's a start, you know?"

Mike publishes a wide variety of articles about and opportunities for "doing good". Like mounting a recycled trophy head, adding broken glass to your dinner menu, or, in honor of today's Valentine's Day celebrations, giving chocolate with heart.

So do your good turn for today, and become concerned about life outside your own little circle of influence (and shouldn't we all be so concerned?). Go check him out!


Stephanie said...

I love this motto! Will be reading his blog!

Jenners said...

Sounds interesting! If nothing else, I need to know how to add broken glass to my dinner menu ... I mean, will I be eating it????? Inquiring minds want to know!