Yum-O! I'm so in love. Tonight I made quinoa for the first time. If you haven't tried it yet, and you like rice and other grains, you must try quinoa.

I got an organic red quinoa and cooked according to package directions (much like cooking rice), then added mushrooms. It was soooo tasty. I'd also made green peas and discovered that mixing the peas with the quinoa and mushrooms was yummy.

Looking forward to trying more variations!


C. Beth said...

I had to laugh at this, since I had a post several months back titled "KEEN-wah". I like your title better though! (Be sure to check mine out for an awesome quinoa recipe!) I've never had red quinoa! Yum!

ElleBee said...

That's funny! I probably saw the post and filed it back in my brain somewhere, so when I actually decided to write about the quinoa, I thought I was being so creative! :) I'll definitely check out your recipe!