Dear Nancy Pelosi,

I hope this letter finds you well. The Diva family is having a busy summer, with interstate travels to visit family, swimming lessons and birthday celebrations on the docket. Even with the Diva Husband out of work for the past six months, we're doing our best to keep the economy moving!

The summer weather in the Windy City has been interesting, with Mother Nature playing odd tricks and alternating between summer storms that made me wonder if I'd wake up in Oz and temperatures cool enough to make me wonder if I'd slept through summer and woke up smack in the middle of October.

Sounds like Mother Nature has been creating some strange winds in California as well, particularly one that brought a lovely SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLAR economic stimulus windfall.

For a mouse.

While your SoCal constituents may be used to a certain mouse bringing in money to stimulate their local economy, I'm pretty sure that this SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLARS won't really do the same for the Bay Area. Those little critters can get pretty greedy, as witnessed in the epic tale "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".

Perhaps you've not read the whole story, but it begins innocently enough, with a sweet, innocent little boy giving a cute little denim-clad mouse a cookie, but spirals quickly out of control when the mouse needs milk, a broom (to clean the crumbs), paper to draw on, tape to put his picture on the refrigerator, a pillow for a nap, etc., etc.

While I'm sure that in your infinite wisdom, you felt that giving a mouse SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLARS was a sweet gesture, please elaborate exactly HOW protecting this mouse will "stimulate" the economy.

Oh, wait! I know! It must be a simple case of mistaken identity.

You confused this mouse.

With this mouse.

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Mary said...

Great letter! I think that you should send it to her