Dogs and Cats--Living Together!

I'm not one of those kind of people who can pull the "perfect" movie quote out of thin air. Don't get me wrong, I love movies. It's just that by the time I see them, they're usually on AMC or TBS or some other TV channel, so they're a bit dated.

Yeah, I have kids. I don't see many movies that aren't animated or have some sort of Nickelodeon or Disney connection.

Recently though, Sweet Son #1 has been introduced (by Diva Husband) to some old classic cinema. (I still haven't resigned myself to the fact that since 40 is only slightly more than a week away, it's highly likely that all my favorite movies and music from childhood are considered "classic".)

But I digress.

Thanks to the Diva Husband's lesson, SS#1 now knows "who he's gonna call", to paraphrase the song. Yes, he loves "Ghostbusters". And we watched it last weekend.

For the forty-seventh time.

Well, maybe not 47 times, but he's already seen it more than a few.

And while I was cleaning up the kitchen, I heard Bill Murray say one of my favorite movie lines ever. "...dogs and cats--living together!"

It loses a bit in transcription, and if you aren't familiar enough with the movie to be able to visualize the scene, I'm sorry for you, but Murray's delivery is hysterically funny.

Maybe it's enjoying movies from my childhood with my own child. Maybe it's my rapidly approaching fortieth birthday. Maybe it's the huge number of high school and college friends I've reconnected with since Facebook took over came into my life. I'm not sure what's causing it, but I'm feeling incredibly nostalgic lately.

And at the same time, incredibly lucky that my son is at an age that movies like "Ghostbusters" is still cool, even though Mom and Dad watched it a freakin' long time ago!


Anonymous said...

Classic line! I still use it all the time.

Guess what's coming on Netflix for this weekend? Short Circuit! Remember? Steve Guttenberg and Ally Sheedy?

I'll have to put Ghostbusters in my Netflix queue....

Anonymous said...

ElleBee -- I didn't realize that you and our only daughter (and you know who she is) are the same age! She will "turn" in November.

Come on in, the waters fine -- even over here wayyyyyy on the other side of 40! :)