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I've met so many wonderful inter-peeps since I started this bloggy thing. One of my faves and daily reads is C. Beth. A while back, when she was on vacay, I was privileged to do a guest blog for her. She's returning the favor for me! I'm not on vacation, but it's so nice to be able to have a new post up that I didn't have to write! ;)


Hello, ElleBee's fantastic readers! My name is C. Beth, and I write two blogs: C. Beth Blog (musings of a happy mommy) and The One-Minute Writer (writing prompts with a sixty second writing timer.) I was privileged to host ElleBee as a guest writer on one of my blogs in June. Her fun post is here. I'm happy to return the favor as a guest blogger for ElleBee.


Our park is nice and close to our home. I can plop my two kids (Chickie, age 3 and Zoodle, age 1) in the double stroller, and in ten minutes they're running pulling at their stroller buckles so the can run towards the slides.

One day several months ago, I decided it would be fun for Chickie to "drive" to the park in her little red car. It's one of those cars with a hole in the bottom, which she powers with her feet, Fred Flintstone-style.


So I got Zoodle into the single stroller, and Chickie excitedly got in her little red car. We made our way down the street.

I should have known we were having a problem when we'd walked a block and Chickie was getting tired. But I'd promised her a trip to the park, so on we went. I leaned down a bit and grabbed Chickie's steering wheel, helping her push herself along.

And that's how we walked much of the rest of the way to the park...and the way home. I was pushing a stroller with one hand and pulling/pushing Chickie's car with the other. Shockingly, this is not the most comfortable--or the most dignified--position in which to walk. For the first time (okay, the millionth time) since becoming a mother, I had reason to question my sanity. My sanity and the strength of my back muscles.

When Chickie asked later in the week if she could drive her red car to the park, the answer was an immediate and unequivocal, "No!"

After that memorable trip, I used my car's odometer to measure the distance between our car and the park. It's half a mile, nice and close. Of course, "nice and close" is definitely a relative term.


♥georgie♥ said...

what a wonderful guest post!
Your lil chickie is adorable...but I must say i did giggle at this post...what a wonderful mom you are walking to the park...I always drove LOL

C. Beth said...

Thanks, georgie!

And, thanks, ElleBee, for doing the post exchange--it was fun!

Fannyfanackapan said...

This made me smile. As a stepmom, I had a lot to learn when I took on an 8 year old (now 21). Having had no children of my own, I was desperate to get it right and of course, to be loved. Our first Fireworks Display on Guy Fawkes night, Josh wanted to be able to see over the crowd and I said 'No problem, up you come, piggy back time' I then stood, in the freezing cold, with an 8 year old on my back, dripping hot dog grease down the back of my neck for nearly 2 hours!! But afterwards, he held my hand all the way home, so the bad back that lasted a week was worth it.

Call Me Cate said...

Like so many things, "seemed like a good idea at the time" applies here. Also "did it once, never again". At least not until she works a bit on endurance.

caryn said...

So funny! One half mile doesn't seem far unless your pulling a little one and pushing a stroller! Great post and cute picture of Chickie!