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I was chastised this weekend by Diva Nana. Yes, 40 years old and Mom can still scold me!

Apparently, she enjoys reading my blog. Daily. Which means that this nearly two-week hiatus has been less than enjoyable.

To be fair, I'm the same way with my favorite blogs. I love it when I visit and there's a new post! So Diva Nana? This one's for you!

I need a new alarm clock.

I typically get out of bed between 6:30 and 7. My alarm clock had been generally reliable, not terribly annoying, and easy on batteries and electricity. The snooze button would usually work for about 10 minutes, but then it would force me out of bed, which was a good thing.

Last week my alarm clock failed me. I woke up in a panic at 7:40, jumped in the shower and ran out the door with my hair still half damp.

My alarm clock went off just as I was leaving the house.

I'm not opposed to buying a new alarm clock, but mine is only 3 years old. Several of my friends have had similar models. I myself had a similar one that quit working about 6 years ago. I keep it around for sentimental reasons, but it's completely unreliable for regular use.

I'm a bit bummed. I mean, would you rather have this alarm clock?
Or one of these?

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Jackie said...

I miss bloggers when they're gone too. I think the second picture is the best alarm clock. I like to get up WAY before my little human alarm clocks though so I use my cell phone as my alarm clock.

Have a great day.