Secret Santa Soiree

It's that time of year again. "What time?" you ask?

Ahh, dear readers, it's time for Georgie's Secret Santa Soiree!

Remember when you used to do the gift exchanges in grammar school? And your spending limit was $5? And you got all excited over a pair of multicolored toe socks?

No? Oh, okay then.

Think of this as a WAY better gift exchange. I participated last year and got some of the most FUNNEST (it's okay to say "funnest" when you're talking about fun things like mystery gift exchanges) things evah! You do need to have a blog to participate, but seriously? It's worth starting one JUST so you can! :)

"But it's too EARLY for a gift exchange!" Trust me when I say that Georgie is the absolute QUEEN of organizing the perfect gift exchange and you will SO want to be a part of this one. The price limit is $20 before shipping and you'll get some clues as to what your Secret Santa likes, so it's easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!

Go see Georgie now. Sign up. Have fun!

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