Music Monday

It's that time again! Hum a tune, sing a song, flip on the radio, because it's Music Monday! Today's Music Monday is for my friend Viv! :)

I love Glee. It brings me back to some of my favorite high school memories. We didn't have a show choir, but high school music organizations all seem to share similar characteristics.

This isn't the Glee cast, but holy cats, this kid is good. It is a Glee arrangement of the classic Journey tune.

Sing it with me, kids...


♥georgie♥ said...

this is incrediable loved it ellebee!

hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Valerie said...

Hey! I haven't watched Glee yet but everyone seems to really like it. I have sent you several emails regarding the ornament swap and wanted to make sure you got them. Please let me know as the deadline to mail is this week. Thanks