Tuesday Top Ten

Welcome to Ten on Tuesday! Today we feature a lovely list in honor of a 300 mile road trip with two boys.

Ten Travel Tips

1. Control the audio

When I was growing up the rule was that the driver controlled the radio. Notsomuch anymore. Sanity often dictates giving up the grown-up music for yet another round of KidsBop or Veggie Tales. Which leads me to #2.

2. Tune out the monkeys with a Personal DVD Player

Too much TV is a problem I constantly battle. In the car, however, I gladly set up the DVD player in the back and let them watch until they turn into zombies fall asleep.

3. No more melted crayons!

Three words: Crayola Color Magic

4. Yellow Car

SS#1 introduced us to this fun little car game. It actually keeps BOTH boys occupied for a good 30 minutes. The premise is simple. Look for yellow vehicles, have one of the munchkins keep track. As SS#1 puts it, "If it moves, it counts".

5. Very Few Snacks

This may seem contradictory to traveling with children, but I don't like to overpack the snackage. A couple of bottles of water or juice boxes, and some dry, non-messy snacks (shelled peanuts are a fave) and we're good to go. We tend to stop once to eat and usually twice more to empty the human bladders and/or fill the automobile bladder.

6. Everyone Pees

Whether or not they think they have to go, when we stop, we go. Got it?

7. Pillow

I've learned that a pillow for each child makes it much more likely that napping will occur. Of course, it also makes it more likely that at least one pillow fight will ensue, but that's a chance I'm willing to take.

8. Mrs. Garmin

It used to be that Mapquest and I were constant travel companions. I didn't travel more than a couple of miles from my house without him. For the most part, that relationship served me well.

Then I met Mrs. G. And while we've had our ups and downs, and sometimes I turn the wrong way just to irritate her, I usually follow where she leads.

And the best part is, she can play audio books and music WHILE she calmly directs your travel!

9. Audio Books

Oh, my audio books, how did I ever travel long distances without you? Now I can hear your wonderful words on my GPS or on the CD player. Oh joy, oh rapture. And Cracker Barrel even has audio books you can rent and return on your trip home.

10. "______________________ or-so-help-me-I'll-stop-this-car-right-now!"

Pick your poison.

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Mrs4444 said...

Excellent advice! And Veggie Tales aren't so bad....I kind of miss them. :)