Brand Name Product

I'm frustrated.

I have enough trouble putting myself together in the morning so I look as though people aren't covering their children's eyes to shield them from the ugly monster relatively presentable.

Now I've had it with the look of my blog.

I've wanted to learn blog design for more than a year now and I've just not done it. And I know that I could pay someone to design a way cool blog look for me, but honestly? I'm cheap. I've been getting along with headers from Scrapblog, which is fine, but it's become sort of the apparel equivalent of wearing the same pair of jeans with five different shirts every week.


I've looked at the freebie backgrounds on various sites and some of them are really cute. I guess I'm just wanting something that's more ME. Something that, when my four regular readers see it, they KNOW it's my blog.

Like Pensieve. Or Fussypants. Or The Pioneer Woman.

Any third-year marketing student (or rancher, I suppose, but that would be infinitely more painful) could diagnose my problem.

I've not been branded.

It's like I want to be Coach or Burberry, but I'm simply a generic label. Not that there's anything wrong with store brand, but I'd like to be a little more colorful than a black and white generic handbag.

Until I'm ready to cough up the cash, though, I guess I'll just have to muddle my way around the Interwebz to find some basic web design stuff.

Wish me and my black and white generics luck!

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