She shoots, she scores!

Well, by now you may be sensing a previously non-existent trend in my posting. That is to say, there IS a trend.

As in, I'm posting every day.

Yes my friends, I'm going to attempt that wonder of the blogging world, Blog365. Of course, through the miracle that is post-dated posting (why does that phrase sound so incredibly odd?), I can, in theory, do several posts at a time, and schedule them to post on the appropriate day.

Of course I'm not really that organized yet.

My blogging style tends to by more "fly by the seat of my pants".

So why this attempt at Blog365? Well, it's during this time of year that folks are so into that dreaded "R" word. I hesitate to even say it, for fear it will jinx the goals I've made, the plans I've set.

You know what I'm talking about. Don't play coy and pretend you don't.

My theory is this.

You make these great plans for a fresh start, a new year. Eating healthier, moving more, dropping a size or two. Getting more organized, cleaning off your desk, purging the dozens of boxes of junk that have accumulated over the years.

Everything starts out well, and you go great guns for a couple of hours a week or two. You tell everyone about your "R's" for the year.

Then things come to a crashing halt. Life intervenes and suddenly you're back in your old habits. And do you know why?

It's because you used the "R" word.

So I won't. This year I have GOALS. It's a less intimidating word. It's shorter. It's easier to spell.

And one of them is to blog every day. I'll share more as the days go by. I mean, if I'm going to blog every day, why use up all of my material in one day?

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