Do the Right Thing

I'm generally a positive person. A "glass half-full" kind of girl. I've even been accused of being a bit Pollyanna-ish. I'm also usually usually pretty open to other people's personalities.

What I absolutely CANNOT stand, though. What drives me absolutely BATTY, makes me want to run SCREAMING in the other direction...

Negative people.

Now, I'm not talking about people who are just having a rough day. I'm not talking about folks who are really good at playing devil's advocate in a decision making situation.

I'm talking about the "glass not even half empty" kind of people. The ones who don't trust ANYONE. The ones who can't see the good in ANY situation.

I know one of those people. I interact with her every.single.day. And frankly, she's starting to bum me out.

Case in point.

Yesterday she commented that it was time for the USA to stop sending aid to Haiti. Now, she KNOWS how involved I am with fundraising for New Life for Haiti. She knows how passionate I am about helping our brothers and sisters in that country.

And yet she persisted. How "New Orleans isn't even rebuilt yet" and "charity begins at home".

It took every ounce of Christian charity in my body to not scream at her.

While I was seething, though, I was thinking. And I came to the realization that most of the people who are voicing similar thoughts don't even donate to domestic charities.

So who exactly is supposed to take care of the people in New Orleans? Or Appalachia? Or Mumbai?

Or Haiti?

Government aid and resources aside, faith and religion aside, whatever happened to taking care of others just because it's the right thing to do?

I'm not talking about a handout for every person who feels they're entitled "just because", for people who don't feel that they should have to work, but rather the government should take care of them.

I'm talking about genuine need.

Haiti doesn't have a public aid program. No food stamps or WIC. No insurance, homeowners, medical, dental or otherwise.

But they do have hope.

And they need our help.

Which we should give them.

Because it's the right thing to do.

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