Dry Bones

The Manimal has incredibly dry skin. It's been that way since he was born. I've tried so many lotions, potions and creams, that I could probably stock an entire skin care aisle with what hasn't worked.

Did you know that there are some skin lotions that contain ingredients that actually DEHYDRATE the skin? And the manufacturers KNOW about this!

In my mind, that just stinks. I mean, you buy the lotion because it's supposed to help HYDRATE your dry skin, right? Poor Manimal just scratches and scratches. In the summer, the dimply backs of his little knees get so dry and irritated that he scratches them raw.

Right now, we alternate between Curel Intensive Moisturizer and Burt's Bees Soothingly Sensitive Aloe & Buttermilk. They work fairly well, but sometimes we don't even get a full day of relief out of them, so I'm always up when someone has a good word about a lotion that actually works.

Sasha is a bloggy friend who's got a little girl close in age to The Manimal. Wild Child has sensitive skin as well, and Sasha uses Skin MD Natural Lotion. She's doing a giveaway for a bottle of the Skin MD right now that you should go check out.

If I don't win, I may have to buy a bottle of this one to relieve The Manimal's dry skin!

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