Fed Up

A friend referred me to a new blog. And I don't know whether to feel informed or ill.

A bit of background info.

I rarely bought school lunch as a kid. Frankly, it was pretty expensive, compared to my mom packing our lunches. Of course, being a kid, I thought the grass was always greener. The year that I bought lunch regularly, I wanted to bring my lunch and when I was brown-bagging it on a regular basis, I wanted to buy lunch.

Sweet Son #1 buys lunch. It's a combination of being reasonably priced with a convenience factor figuring highly into the equation. Now, I'm not under any delusions that he's receiving gourmet food. But this new blog makes me think twice about making/allowing him to eat school lunches.

Fed Up is a blog written by a teacher who's made the decision to buy her school's lunch every day. She documents with photos, so you get the full effect.

I did a quick bit of research on my school district's lunch program and one bit of info stood out. They don't concern themselves too much with DAILY nutritional value, but measure the value over the course of a week.

I get this. I'm certainly guilty of serving the occasional nutritionally unbalanced meal. But I'd really feel more comfortable if the school, where my son is SUPPOSED to be learning science, which, theoretically would include nutrition, would at least make an EFFORT to serve nutritionally balanced meals every day.

Maybe I'll teach Jake how to pack his own lunch...

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Anonymous said...

I found this blog this week, too!

Great idea. Our school district has a Food Advisory Council...I attended a meeting a couple of years ago. It was mostly attended by H.S. students concerned about the quality of the fries and whether a breadstick plus a cheese stick equals an actual meal (students said yes, food service director said no; students won).

I think I need to jump back in.