Vote Early, Vote Often (or Not)

A friend of mine lives in Chicago. Actually IN Chicago. (She's not one of us suburbanite city wannabes.)

Chicago and Illinois have some pretty significant political races occurring this year, and our primary elections are coming up on February 2. Like many other places, we are able to vote early to help avoid some of the crowds, and give more people an opportunity to do their civic duty.

My friend went this week to vote, and as she was leaving the polling place, the election judges felt the need to remind her that she couldn't vote again.

Only in Chicago!

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Anonymous said...

Talking about Chicago politics reminds me that when our daughter, DD, lived and worked in downtown Chicago she joined the Republican Women's Club. She said it was her and about a half-dozen elderly women! They were thrilled when she joined -- FINALLY new blood! I'm sure they missed her when she got married and moved to the 'burbs. :)