Make No Small Plans

It's going to take more than a bit of putting this

Into this

So we can put these

Onto them.

Yep. We're planning a trip a little over a year from now. I'm really excited for many reasons. First, it's Disney for Pete's (Dragon) sake...it's the Happiest Place on Earth (just for you, NJ!)!

Second, both boys will be old enough to ride and enjoy everything and young enough to not be too cool for a pair of mouse ears.

Third, we're hopefully meeting up with family friends, which promises to be lots of fun!

Finally, this time, I have the most fabulous of all of the Disney Princesses herself helping with the planning. She's not Cinderella, Princess Aurora, Mulan or Jasmine. She's not Pocahontas or Princess Tiana.

She is my favorite princess ever, HRH Princess Frugal-Ears herself!

Princess Frugal-Ears has been to WDW more times than I can count and she knows how to stretch a dollar like Mrs. Incredible. She knows the best places to stay on property, which restaurants are a hit with kiddos and what attractions are "ears up".

I'll be sharing my planning with you over the next twelve or so months and, with Princess Frugal-Ears' permission, will share her tips with you as well!

Sing it with me kids!

See ya real soon!
Why? Because we LIKE you!

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